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Aircraft for rent

How to Rent?

How to Rent?

The aircraft are rented after a contraction of an agreement per every type of package, and after a prior reservation. The reservations can be made by getting in contact with Salt, phone number: 518 111 101. We recommend to make all arrangements few days before the planned flight. All reservations are confirmed.

How does it work in practice?

How does it work in practice?

The fee for flights package should be paid in advance based on proforma invoice. The final financial reckoning is pursuant to the records laid down in the Technical Logbook. A single hour of the aircraft flight is understood as 1 hour as indicated by the Hobbs meter.

The Renter receives a fueled-up aircraft. The renting price includes the cost of the aviation fuel, together with the excise tax. In case you plan to re-fuel the aircraft at other airports during the rent period, please inform us about that beforehand, and the renting conditions will be agreed upon individually.

The cost of take offs and landings is covered by the Renter. Some of the aircraft from the SALT fleet may be subject to a flat rate in respect of the airport fees at EPMO and EPBC; in such case, the Renter is not charged for take offs and landings.

Who can make a rent?

Who can make a rent?

Everyone who is a holder of valid aviation eligibilities: a license (airplane or helicopter), or a certificate of competences (autogyro). You must have the corresponding documents on you during the flight.

Prior to the first flight on an aircraft, conducted is a brief, charged flight with a SALT instructor that serves as a confirmation that the pilot is properly qualified to fly the machine. Moreover, the Renter is taught how to fill out the SALT Technical Logbook properly, and how to perform the Pre-flight Inspection.

Aircraft Renting Prices

Type aircraft: Price (*) price for 1 h with fuel Package 110 hours Package 220 hours Package 3And greater than 50 hours
Robinson R44

1.800 (2214)

17.500 (21.525)
1 h = 1.750 (2152,5)

34.700 (42.681)
1 h = 1.735 (2.134)

Diamond DA20

520 (639,6)

5.000 (6.150)
1 h = 500 (615)

9.800 (12.054)
1 h = 490 (602,7)

24.000 (29.520)
1 h = 480 (590,4)

Piper PA44

1.450 (1.783,5)

14.000 (17.220)
1 h = 1.400 (1.722)

27.000 (33.210)
1 h = 1.350 (1.660,5)

Beechcraft A23

520 (639,6)

5.100 (6.273)
1 h = 510 (627,3)

10.000 (12.300)
1 h = 500 (615)

* in brackets gross cost
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