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Familiarization Flight

Familiarization flight is a perfect way to find out your predispositions before you begin your aviation training.

After the introductory flight, you can make a decision to undertake the aviation training or not. Introductory flights are carried out on a training aircraft: helicopters, airplanes or autogyro, and usually take 1 h. It is not obligatory to continue the training after the introductory flight, but it is still the best way to check the predispositions of a candidate for a pilot.

The introductory flight includes a flight to the exercise zone, and the basic maneuvers, such as take off, landing, a straight line flight, change of the flight altitude, and turns. When flying on a helicopter, the exercises include flights on a side, reverse flights, low altitude flights, high altitude suspensions, landing in a random terrain. During the flight, the instructor comments on both the indications of the onboard equipment, and the reactions of the aircraft to the movements of the rudders. Before the flight, we carry out a short procedure of familiarization with the aircraft, onboard instruments, the functioning of the rudders, the communication in the cockpit, and the security rules.

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Familiarization Flight
Familiarization Flight
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