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helicopter training

Airplane Training Type: Theoretical Part practical part NOTE
PPL training for the tourist pilot license (helicopter) PPL (H) 100 h 45 h
Training for the eligibilities for the helicopter type TR (H) 10 h 5 h
Training for the eligibilities for night-time flights (helicopter) VFR night (H) 5 h 15 h

* The candidate must have collected at least 100 h as a licensed helicopter pilot, including at least 60 h as a pilot-in-command (PIC), and 20 h in navigation flights. The training must be completed in 6 months’ time from the initial day.

Modular training for the professional pilot CPL (helicopter) CPL (H)m 250 h 30 h

* In order to undertake the training, the candidate must have collected 150 h of general helicopter flight experience. The training must be completed in 18 months’ time

Integrated training for the professional pilot CPL (helicopter) CPL (H)z 350 h 135 h

* The training can be undertaken by both an individual without aviation experience, and every PPL holder without the minimal flight experience required for the modular training for the CPL(H). The training cannot last for less than 9 months, and more than 24 months.

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