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Year after year, Robinson R44 wins greater and greater popularity in Poland. It is a versatile, reliable, 4-seat aircraft perfect for aviation training. The asset of the helicopter is the combination of economy and pretty good performance. Thanks to its aerodynamic shape, R44 can accelerate to the maximum speed of 130 knots (240 km/h or 150 mph), consuming up to 60 liters of fuel per hour. It is one of the most frequently bought machines in the world.

We use three copies of the Robinson R44 type helicopter for the purpose of training at all license levels as well as for „Type rating” training. Moreover, thanks to their universal usage characteristics, the R44 helicopters are used for the purpose of passenger transportation and specialized operations. It is a future-oriented choice for all the candidates who want to undertake the training.


Diamond DA20 Katana is a 2-seat, very maneuverable and fast low-wing plane that can accelerate up to 164 knots (304 km/h or 189 mph), consuming up to 20 liters of fuel per hour. It is made of composite glass and carbon materials. The tips of its wings are cone-shaped that decrease the fuel consumption. The flight speed of the airplane is about 130 knots (about 240 km/h or about 150 mph).

The DA20 monoplane is modern, dynamic, and friendly aircraft, perfect for training purposes. Three DA20 monoplanes available in our fleet gives us the comfort of uninterrupted provision and planning of all kinds of aviation operations.


Cessna 177RG Cardinal is a 4-seat and dynamic airplane of an extensive range. It has a retractable gear and a propeller with an alternating stroke, thanks to which it can be, for example, used for the purpose of commercial pilot license training.

It is classified as a Very popular among pilots, Cessna 177RG, register marks SP-FLF is a comfortable airplane of a refreshing and fairly recently revitalized interior. Our Cessna 177 is appreciated for the combination of functionality and range combined with the economy of flight.


PA 44-180T Seminole is a light, dual-engine, 4-seat airplane eagerly used in aviation training in most cases while training for the MEP(L) and IR ratings. PA44 is ideal as a dispositional, short-range airplane, as well. Similarity of PA 44-180T to other airplanes from Piper Aircraft in regard to pilotage is its indisputable asset.

Our PA44 SP-MIS is perfect for aviation eligibility training purposes. This aircraft is friendly and trouble-free for pilots newly familiarized with it. It makes a good impression thanks to its efficiency and maneuverability in the air.

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Technical Service and CAMO
Aircraft Fleet
Aircraft Fleet
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